Hi, I'm Scott Ti


My name is Scott Ti (pronounced "tea"). I was born in Seattle and raised in Southern California. My first experience in programming was around 2009 when I got my first laptop, a late 2008 model MacBook. I started by coding small terminal programs in C using Xcode.

Since then, I've learned a ton about computer science fundamentals and programming in general. I love learning to use new and cutting-edge technologies, even when they're not very well adapted. This website, for example, is a form of practice to learn Svelte/SvelteKit.

Currently at Boeing as a Software Engineer.

Things I Use

Firefox - Browser

bspwm - Xorg Tiling Window Manager

Hyprland - Tiling Wayland Compositor

Zsh - Shell

lf - Terminal file manager

More to come soon.



A web app that provides the prices from major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and Costco. Created collaboratively with 3 other people using agile methodology. Now deprecated due to scraping conflicts.

Sticker Avenue

A functional and beautiful (in my opinion) sticker store. Firebase used for user authentication and storing cart data. No transactions, just add stickers to the cart.

Deep Neural Network from Scratch

A deep neural network with backpropagation made from scratch without any ML libraries. Detects and learns patterns of handwritten digits using the MNIST dataset.

To-Do Web Application

A fully-functional To-Do list web application made with pure JavaScript and CSS only. Uses local storage to store list data.


Very rudimentary implementation of the classic game, Battleship. This project was a practice of test-driven development using JavaScript and Jest.

Social Recommendation System for last.fm

Recommends music based on user and friends' listening habits and social networking. An algorithm assignment where I experimented with graphs and relationships between data.

Memory Game

A simple memory card game. Includes two game difficulties. One of my first projects using React.

Temperature/Humidity Alarm

A temperature humidity monitoring and alarm system. When the humidity reaches any set threshold, the buzzer will beep and the current time will freeze until the system is reset.

Express Local Library

A library API/Website used as a way to learn Express, Pug templates, and developing general APIs on the web. Utilizes compressed responses and rate limiting in production.

My Dotfiles

My dotfiles for Arch Linux. Currently running Hyprland and loving Wayland.